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 i am trying to publish my posts every monday, 
sometimes things like creating and life takes over and the schedule slightly moves around:)
... thanks for stopping by to find out a tiny bit of who i amπŸ’œ 
well me & my sisters really!
 this blog is to share my journey as a fine art photographer, stylist & editor; documenting obsessively my life and all its daily wonders of beauty! i too shares what inspires me. 
we are based out of epping & london😊 
most often i create a post once a week, and if not the following:)!
lots of love
alice saga

to buy my fine art photography/ mixed media works go here:

or message me for certain worksπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’œ

50% of my profit goes to the charity "a well-fed world"
for sweetness collaborations

our company is
"the faerie tales of violette"

editor: violette amorina rose
creative: alice amorina solantania saga
fashion: linda marina portman

we believe in angelic faerie tale magic
to celebrate the gift of life and all our unique stories
a short version of my journey😊
after finishing school in sweden, i moved to new york to go to college where i majored in fashion marketing & art history. while in school i started interning at "the new york times magazine" and its fashion department, this became my full-time job and i worked as a fashion associate over the course of 6 years. after this amazing time, i felt like i was ready to start freelancing as a fashion stylist and so i moved to stockholm for new adventures. styled fashion stories for countless magazines based out of berlin, new york, paris, stockholm and some asian publications etc etc! now was too the time i started this blog "alice in wonderland" where i started documenting every aspect of my life and started becoming obsessed with photography. in 2009, i arrived in east dulwich , london.  i worked as a stylist for many magazines here as well and too photographed & styled stories for the french publication "crash magazine" where i also served as one of its fashion editors for a couple of years. 2014 was the year i started focusing on  mainly fine art photography and self-portraits. i shoot digital & analogue.  also in 2014  i with my sisters linda & violette started to build "the faerie tales of violette" which is to celebrate life and its magic through story telling and beautiful characters.  

about us:
we (alice, linda & violette) are sisters & best friends whom grew up in a tiny town in sweden. during our childhood we lived for dancing, singing & performing. we put together circuses in the summers and created tiny tours where we sang to a little audience during the colder months of the year. it was later in our teenage years that we understood the love of ours was that of story telling. to create characters based upon real lives together with the imaginative. we now have our company "the faerie tales of violette" together πŸ’œ we are based out of epping & london.

we are too faith hope love christians
 vegans with lots of love for our beautiful animals
"that you are here - that life exists and identity,
that the powerful play goes on,
and you may contribute a verse."
- walt whitman, leaves of grass (1892)

faith hope love

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